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October 23 2000 EOCS

AMI Announces three new features for its EOCS - Escrow Office Control System Millenium series. The new features are targeted toward the simplification of office procedures, the accuracy of transactions and the increase in productivity in the escrow office.

"ONE CLICK" Opening of Title Orders

By clicking a single button with your mouse on the Title Information form, the escrow officers can now send an email directly to the Title Company and title officer of their choice, which contains all information required to open the title order. Because all information is extracted from the escrow database, the need for re-entering information  and the usual mistakes associated with re-typing are eliminated. The escrow officers no longer need to switch to the Title Company's web page and spend precious time entering information and editing for accuracy, nor they have to spend time locating a title officer and dictating the order details on the telephone. And if the Title Company does not have email, send the same information via fax also with a single click of your mouse!

"ONE CLICK" Document  printing

You can now organize how documents are printed by EOCS. During the opening and closing cycles, you always have a series of letters that need to be sent out, such as the Buyer, Seller, Lender, Broker and Agent opening or closing letters, Statement of Information and demands. EOCS new Document Package form allows the escrow officer to generate and print all the letters and forms part of the package with a single click of the mouse. The tracking information such as when the document was printed is still preserved for each individual document and logged under forms manager.

State ZIP Codes available

During the month of November, AMI will make available a table of ZIP Codes and City/County  that can be loaded directly on EOCS. This feature can enhance the entry and verification of addresses, since by typing the ZIP Code, the system will insert City, County and State in the form. The Cost of this table is $150.00 per State for unlimited use in as many offices as needed. The table will be available on cdrom or downloaded by email.


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